Descendants of Captain Stephen Case
of Marlboro, New York
1738 - 1794

This genealogy of Captain Stephen Case was compiled by the late Dr. Lynn M. Case of the University of Pennsylvania, Professor of European History. Dr. Case started researching the descendants of Stephen Case in 1945 and continued until his death in 1996. Dr. Case's documents were reprinted by his daughter Beverly [Case] Rorer in 2001 and was converted to web page presentation by his son Ronald Case in 2003.

Please Note:
These genealogy web pages were just constructed in March 2003 and are in a preliminary format.

Dr. Case amassed a list of 2430 descendants of Captain Stephen Case during his 53 years of research. Every entry was authenticated. We are presenting the first 712 descendants (206 different Surnames) in this initial listing and will continue to add more each month. We will be adding the sources of authentication of each individual and pictures when available.

There are four indexes for the descendants and list then in:
1. Surnames by Last Name
2. Generation Order
3. Alphabetical by Last Name, First Name
4. Date Order by Last Name, First Name

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Ron Case