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(...producing business solutions since 1980)

Marshall Technology, Inc. has been developing custom software business applications since 1980.  Most of these are small special applications that provide additional capabilities to streamline the work functions within departments and organizations.

These programs help capture and document information that are not otherwise managed by the in-house applications. Many of these are small desktop programs for individuals that have unique requirements.

One of our popular approaches for these types of applications is to implement them on websites.  It helps solve the problems introduced when collecting and coordinating information from personnel that are in the field, working at home or at remote sites.

Access to the internet continues to increase its geographical coverage and ease of use every year.  The cell phone has become a great tool for capturing and retrieving information from remote locations.  The new small laptops with wireless capabilities can give someone a seamless interface with the home office.

These new technologies are providing capabilities that the current in-house software applications aren’t using. Since it is usually very expensive to get customized modifications to the existing software, our solution is to design and create small applications that provide a bridge between the two environments.

If you have a special requirement that seems to be a good candidate for a similar solution, email us at info@marshalltech.com.



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